What is Your Name CD review by Dave O Rama

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WhatIsYourName-Robert Minden and Carla HallettWhat Is Your Name
Robert Minden and Carla Hallett
Otter Bay Productions

What Is Your Name is a new 11-part song cycle presented by two talented collaborators and structured around French horn player Carla Hallett’s poetry journals and childhood memories.

Hallett has worked with Robert Minden since 1986 when they formed the Robert Minden Ensemble. A teacher, storyteller, composer and photographer, Minden is well known as both an academically trained musician and sociologist.

Here we find the duo creating beautiful soundscapes composed mainly on a grand assortment of unconventional instruments, predominantly household items including an assortment of bowls, bottles, saws, vacuum cleaners and PVC pipes.

To this odd assortment of household items Minden and Hallett also incorporate toy instruments, ethnic percussion, piano, French horn and the waterphone, a beautiful percussion instrument invented by American artist Richard Waters.

The musical compositions are both delicate and lustrous like bits of shiny paper and ocean spray carried along in a steady breeze. Hallett’s beautiful voice flows within these twinkling sonic sculptures rich and languid, reimagining personal experiences and conjuring intimate visions from her past.

Sumptuous and calming and infused with a sombre radiance, What Is Your Name is a lush and inventive piece of work by two imaginative and seasoned sonic explorers embodying a dreamlike quality that is complex and at the same time deeply soothing.


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