We need your venues!

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BC Musician Magazine wants you!

So many venues. So, so little time, and a Santa-centric season in between to boot. What is a scrappy indie music mag to do? We’re asking you, woo-hoo!

We know about the big ones, like the South Okanagan Event Centre, and the really big ones, like any number of Rogers this-or-thats. But if we’re really going to get this next Ultimate Venue Guide right, we need your help.

Tell us about your go-to haunt. Let us help the proprietors fill it up more often. Let us help artists from near and far find a new favourite. Tell us about your not-so go-tos, too, anywhere in British Columbia and Alberta, and you could win a wonderful prize.

Your most articulate submissions will grace our pages.

Email them to hello@bcmusicianmag.com, or find us on Facebook and write a post or send us a direct message. Tweet @bcmusician, Boomerang yourself dancing in front of the place and Instagram it at @bc.and.ab.musician.mag, just hurry!

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