Torque-Flite Baby – The Wheelgrinders

by • September 16, 2017 • Album Reviews, Current Issue, Read Online, Reviews807

Now veteran players on the Vancouver rockabilly scene Greg Tiernan (Gastown Riot), Stuart Quayle (The Sunsetters), and Caroline (formerly sCare-oline of Big John Bates and The Voodoo Dollz) come together and drop their smokin’ debut as The Wheelgrinders. A powerful trio with serious chops this band kicks up a dust cloud of rockin’ hillbilly dance tunes designed to melt your hairdo and wear holes in your shoe leather.
Filled with rare classics The Wheelgrinders serve up stunning versions of obscure vintage rockers like Dennis Herrold’s Hip Hip Baby, Cramps favourite Uranium Rock by Warren Smith, Hank Miezell’s Jungle Rock, Betty Lou’s Got A New Tatoo by The Creep, and a blistering take on Johnny Rebel’s Tag Along. Wheelgringers originals like Hangry Baby, Space Rabbits, Go!, and the title track are so well crafted and lyrically clever and funny that they stand proud and strong next to all their excellent choice of covers. The band even pays tribute to the genius of Leadbelly, ending the record with a blistering rockabilly version of Goodnight Irene, showing off the incredible malleability of such a popular and brilliantly crafted folk song.
Carol and Stuart kick out some serious horsepower; the rhythms are plump, fast, and contagious, making it impossible to resist the urge to hit the dance floor hard. Greg possesses a classic voice that brings full authenticity to their sound while his blazing guitar skills are some of the hottest this hard core rockabilly fan has ever encountered. If you love high energy rock n roll with a hillbilly flavour that celebrates the country blues origins of such legends as Carl Perkins and Chuck Berry then Torque-Flite Baby is where you want to be.

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