Tony Wilson 6tet – A Day’s Life CD review

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A Day’s Life
Tony Wilson 6tet
Drip Audio

Wilson wrote the music for this CD in 2012. It is based on his novella of the same name that he had begun years earlier, a fictional account of a crack-addicted musician who lives and busks on the streets of Vancouver’s Downtown East Side. There are no lyrics to this music, you can contextualize it as a soundtrack to the novella or to a multi media experience, which was the way he first performed it live. Like any Day’s Life the music ranges through a gamut of emotions; calm, hectic, chaotic, cathartic, exuberant, repetitive, unresolved.

  Wilson has been recognized by the Globe and Mail as one of Canada’s most original guitarists. The other musicians contributing to the 6tet are an extraordinary group and are all highly skilled improvisers: J.P. Carter on trumpet and electronics, Jesse Zubot on violin, Peggy Lee on cello, Russell Sholberg on bass and Skye Brooks on drums. Three of the tracks from the CD are available to listen to on Drip Audio’s website, but you really have to hear the work in its entirety to comprehend it. The whole multi media presentation as it is was performed at Pyatt Hall in Vancouver on February 13 of this year is available on You Tube.

by R. Doull

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