Tomorrow – Eye Bender

by • December 1, 2017 • Album Reviews654

This is the new project from Vancouver guitarist Victor Yong who we last heard from when he had completed his Latin fusion project Dawn of the Carnival. Now he has returned to the place where he first picked up a guitar in 1970.

Paying homage to the metal/power aggregations of the 70s and 80s. Kinetic guitar, unrepentant power chord fuelled verses and keyboard drenched instrumental breaks with occasional swirling organ veering into prog rock. He started writing the material on this CD about two years ago and enlisted vocalist Betty Tse to deliver her magic. 

She makes a huge difference because, with very few exceptions (Heart comes to mind), the bands who originally performed this type of music were exclusively male enclaves. Although Eye Bender usually performs live as a five piece, only the two musicians are credited on this CD. 

Still if you look down in the corner of the sleeve there is a picture of several people having dinner and they look suspiciously like the guys from the Vancouver-based band Orient Express, so we are guessing they are the backup band.

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