The Stacks CD Review by Dave O Rama

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TheStacks_117_webOpen Till Midnight
The Stacks

Open Till Midnight is the five song debut recording from Nanaimo trio The Stacks. Mining a vein of white boy blues still being excavated by bands like The Black Keys, Buffalo Killers and The Dead Weather, The Stacks are pulling up a few gems with this release.

I can’t deny that I love this kind of dirty ass southern fried rhythm and blues. I’d be lying if I did. I find it especially appealing when it maintains a significant nod to its African American roots and doesn’t overwhelm the pungent blues references with too many pop mannerisms.   

The Stacks deliver floor pounding juke joint scorchers smouldering with guitar distortion, slick with greasy grooves and stinking of sex. Fronted by the Lineker brothers with Matt churning up some burbling bass flow under Jordan’s ragged and fuzzed out guitar work, while “soul brother” drummer Ben Wengel bashes out a haunting jungle beat. The Lineker boys’ wailing harmonies are mournful and raw and the production runs a fine balance between distortion, reverb and psychedelic twang.

When it comes to rockin’ the blues I say the harder and dirtier the better. These tracks by The Stacks will unlock your spine and pollute your mind. If you’re looking to get all messed up, then your search is over. This will do the trick.

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