The Colorifics – What Happened to You

by • March 19, 2012 • Album Reviews, Front Page1530

By Bobby Herron

The Colorifics are fun, cuddly, elegant at times, and musically skilled. They’re cheeky and want you to know that they enjoy what they do because music is about that for many of us. These are some of my impressions when listening to What Happened To You.

Based in Vancouver, The Colorifics have been at it since 1995. In their latest recording you can hear the beneficial results of adults consistently playing nice together. Every song on this album is a delight to listen to or dance to with a glass of bubbly something in one of your hands. This is uplifting music for adults who would like a break from auto tuning and horrendously compressed pop albums.

Bernard Boulanger lends tasty, jazzy licks that weave in and out with intuitive phrasing. Mellissa Bandura’s vocals sound like they were made for these songs. She also lays down some colourful fiddle and sultry flute. John Rule on drums and percussion (formerly of Bob’s Yer Uncle/Wingnuts) handles a variety of grooves with his usual flare and solidity. Eric Napier completes the rhythm section nicely on bass.

The Colorifics explore all kinds of exotic musical places from gypsy flavoured swing to rock and roll to classic jazz. Their songs are sophisticated without being pretentious. Put on this disc and move around, waving your hands in the air or just whistle along whenever you feel like brightening up your day.

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