Texture & Light Inner Space Odyssey album review

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With their brand new release Inner Space Odyssey, Powell River duo Texture & Light explore “rebirth and rejuvenation” and the transitional experience of consciously reintegrating with the natural world. Created by “recovering” tech house DJ Trevor Refix (Mervyn), known for his funky techno warehouse parties and a two-year residency at the Shambhala Festival’s Fractal Forest stage, Refix made a conscious decision to make a move from DJ culture to indie song writing while at the same time giving up life in the city for a new more holistic existence on the north end of the Sunshine Coast. “While I was full on into DJing deep tech house music, I started to listen to a lot of indie rock at home and in the car. House music started to be party music to me and indie rock and electronic and downtempo started being what I was actually craving.”

Joining forces with award-winning drummer Lyell Woloschuk, Texture & Light amalgamate a dance floor apperception with industrial rock, new wave synthpop and a passion for deep thought. Refix and Woloschuk adopt a juicy assortment of electronic instrumentation such as pads, pedals, drum machines, keyboards, guitar, and bass to craft hook laden electro pulsations that perfectly compliment Refix’s tangy vocals.

The overall mood of the recording is deeply futuristic but infused with an invigorating effervescence reminiscent of the oxygen high one would encounter walking through an ancient forest. Texture & Light explores contrasting themes in their songwriting, examining our relationship with the biosphere, transformational experience, letting go of the past and moving toward a deeper understanding of the life force and our connection with the material world as we all stumble toward inner peace.

Greatly influenced by artists such as Trent Rezner, Fourtet, Modest Mouse and techno music Refix says “I decided to try to make music that combined my influences — Nine Inch Nails, tech house, indie rock and downtempo electronic — into a package that would resonate with people on an emotional level, not just on the dancefloor.

Although before Refix’s time, Texture & Light also conjures up synaptic memories of a number of synthpop pioneers. Like Britain’s Fad Gadget and Cabaret Voltaire, New York’s Suicide, Belgium’s Telex and Switzerland’s Yello, early explorers of a form of electronic pop music continually reinvigorated with freshness and vitality by exciting new creative projects like Texture & Light.

by Dave O Rama

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