Copilots – Sunstroke CD review

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Drip Audio

After three recordings, two on Drip Audio, Copilots have coalesced into a long form psychedelic rock band. The leader, songwriter, vocalist and guitarist Skye Brooks is known as a drummer for various aggregations including the Juno award winning Fond of Tigers, the Tony Wilson 6tet, Veda Hille and Ndidi Onukwulu. Brooks founded Copilots with bassist Pete Schmitt who also leads 200 Suns, and drummer Dylan Smith who did the cover artwork for this CD. Keyboardist Karma Sohn has released one CD of her own material, called Objects of Affection, and guitar player Cole Schmidt also leads Juno award winning Pugs and Crows.

There are no slouches in this crowd and the secret sauce in the mix is producer Jesse Zubot who also contributes violin, synth and electronics. The result is intelligent, floating, and there is no other way to describe it, modern psychedelic rock, played by musicians of very high caliber, augmented by electronic sound and with lyrics submerged just enough to force the listener under the surface of the music.

Four of the tracks from this CD can be heard on the Copilots website, and the lyrics are also all available there.  Order through the Drip Audio website.

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