Start A Fire – The Burn Ins

by • September 16, 2017 • Album Reviews497

After they were hit by a car while cruising on their motorbike, Aaron Lyall and Kristine Lyall decided to take their destiny by the balls and form themselves a hard rocking band. With almost no experience, the Lyalls sold most of their possessions, rented out their house, invested in a motorhome, and said goodbye to their hometown of Elkford, BC, dedicating themselves to a life of big grooves and hard touring.

The Burn Ins are ambassadors of a massive big electric blues sound, equally soulful and psychedelic, they sizzle like ball lightning and pound the earth like King Kong. Kristine’s powerful voice can tackle anything from deep moaning electric soul to razor sharp country swamp, and it dances hard with her ragging bass lines and thundering rhythms. Having earned many accolades for their 2015 debut On The Inside, The Burn Ins are an award winning touring act that have blazed a deep trail all over North America and even parts of Japan.

The Burn Ins secret weapon is guitarist Aaron Mokry who lives up to the claim of laying down “guitar licks so tasty they make your mom’s cooking look bad.” Start A Fire, the band’s new six track EP, totally lives up to its name. The opening track, Ain’t Nobody Watching Me, blows out of the gate with the force of an Atlantic hurricane and they don’t let up until they finish you off with the whiplash psychobilly honky tonk closer Losing It. Even when they slow it down on a track like End Of The Road, The Burn Ins are clever enough to hit you off guard and fuse the track with some atmospheric dub flourishes. With a thick wall of sound on the production front this swanky hard rockin’ electric blues outfit hauls it in by the truck load, jacks it up, and unloads it squarely on your head.

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