Space (Luck) Sphere – Anni M Fables

by • October 27, 2017 • Album Reviews382

Space (Luck) Sphere is a gorgeous work by Vancouver-based Tasmanian violist and song writer Anni M Fables. Composed over the last three years and recorded with the contributions of a substantial assemblage of musical friends, it is creative magic. Overflowing with sumptuous musicality and lyrical adventure Fables is a compelling storyteller, her rich unique voice evoking deep layers of emotion.

Acoustic in its approach each composition is imbued with such emotional sincerity that the songs become living entities pulsating with multidimensionality and a powerful life force. Obviously a labour of love and honed from a traveler’s mind Space (luck) Sphere is like experiencing your favourite book of short stories interpreted through music. Fables’ music draws from a plentiful pool of musical genres, and like threads in a complex tapestry, Fables weaves these influences into a stunning piece of work that is entirely her own.

Fables brings together a cast of 20 musicians who make strong contributions to this beautifully nuanced recording. Stunning production by Fables with her engineer Blake Mckay at Adanac Sounds and wrapped in dazzling packaging featuring sublime artwork by Meli Rose and photography by Mary Matheson, Space (Luck) Sphere is a transcendent offering from an inspirited artist.

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