So Long & Farewell!

by • February 16, 2018 • Articles, BC Music History, BC Musician News, Front Page, Read Online382

We have stopped publishing BC Musician Magazine after 10 years.

Many have enjoyed reading the only truly BC-wide, BC-focused music and arts magazine. BC Musician Mag was available to be picked up all around the province (and in Alberta). From Rolla to Fernie, Cortes Island to Valemount, it was a tidy little package of stories, reviews, pictures, and, most notably, listings of festivals, events, venues and activities. It was editorially delightful to find the stories of musicians and artists in some wild and remote places, and to create a magazine that, for the most part, was not urban-centred.

However, people have become accustomed to free, and free only works one way.

The costs to produce and maintain BC Musician Magazine have never matched the revenue from advertising nor from subscriptions. The responsible thing to do is stop the presses.

This web site will continue for a little bit longer. It won’t be forever though, as it also costs money to keep it going. If anyone is interested in purchasing back issues you can still do that. There are many that aren’t online, so if you have a story or year in mind just send me a note:

Thank you to everyone who enjoyed BC Musician Mag — and to the many, many contributors and fans. It was a great run, and we sincerely hope that it served the music and arts community well.

Cheerio for now!


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