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by • October 27, 2017 • Album Reviews296

I was once a big Captain Beefheart fan. So I loaned one of the Captain’s recordings to a mainstream rock promoter who I thought might be interested in presenting him live. The promoter returned it saying, “There are not enough drugs in the world to make me like this music.”

Therefore I was completely chuffed to see that Sick Boss cites Captain Beefheart’s relentless experimentalism as an influence. Originally a trio of Cole Schmidt on guitar, James Meger on bass and Dan Gaucher on drums they, and their invited guest musicians, evolved their music in a series of weekly residencies in two Vancouver bars. This developed into a septet including Peggy Lee on cello, JP Carter on trumpet, Tyson Naylor on keyboards and Jeremy Page on clarinet. Everyone contributes fx.

Two years ago the septet along with five additional guest musicians recorded the original material for this album. Then after overdubbing, editing and further augmentation this vast sprawling thing has emerged.  They can take a simple musical idea, a repeated riff, a delicate statement of intent and develop it into a complex interwoven composition, chamber music, a jazz improvisation, or veer left into a straight out rock rave up. The ear turns and then turns again.

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