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We are no longer publishing. Thank you for 10 great years of listening!

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  1. Ashley says:

    We are only planning to release our new EP with digital download cards. Can we mail one of those to you, or must it be a CD?

    • staff2 says:

      Hi there,
      We definitely prefer hard copy since digital gets lost really quickly. Do send anyhow and we’ll do our best. Also please be sure to include bio and press release and liner notes, even if there’s nothing to line. We are regularly amazed to receive releases with zero information about the band nor the album.

  2. kevin holtl says:

    We were wondering if you could do an article on the incredibly interactive open mic scene here in Victoria BC. There are almost too many to count and they are all very amazing. Victoria hosts much amazing home grown and imported talent here within this small city.

  3. kevin holtl says:

    I should add also that it is incredibly diverse

  4. O'Neil says:

    Interested in setting up an album review. Hope to read back.


  5. Cindy Ross Friedman says:

    Would you review a few songs played very unprofessionally and videoed on a cell phone? I just sat down at the keyboard and banged out a few new ones (I could snail mail a flash drive). I used to be a musician/singer/songwriter in Winnipeg 15 years ago, but got a professor gig in Kamloops. I currently play in a Latin cover band (Caliente), but now original songs are coming from who knows where…. Or do you want professional masters? (That ain’t gonna happen). 😉

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