Quatuor André Lachance The Orange Challenge CD review

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The Orange Challenge
Quatuor André Lachance
reviewed by R. Doull

André Lachance has been a pillar of Vancouver’s jazz scene for the last twenty-five years. Usually playing either acoustic or electric bass he has been a member of more than ten working ensembles and a first call sideman for visiting international jazz musicians. He has shown up on sessions for five different record labels as well as on CBC recordings. He worked as a sound engineer for Radio-Canada FM in Vancouver. He taught a workshop at the Banff Centre.

Quatuor André Lachance was founded in 2010 and is a vehicle for Lachance to play electric guitar on his own compositions in a modern improvised setting. He is supported by Brad Turner on Fender Rhodes and Piano, Chris Gestrin on Moog Synthesizer Bass and Joe Poole on drums. Some of the compositions here will be familiar to those who have heard the group live. Others are newly composed specifically for this CD.

The title of the CD is a bit enigmatic, so we asked him what it refers to and here is what he said:

“It is my favorite colour. It is also the most visible colour to the human eye. The least likely colour found in nature. That’s why it is used in traffic cones.

“It is a challenge to find words that rhyme with orange. But if you say orange challenge fast a bunch of times, it may provide an answer to the riddle.

“A friend of mine who is a sound-man in Vancouver came upon a sale of orange clothes in a store and had the idea to challenge himself to wear something orange every single day for a year. He did the year and I believe kept it up far longer than that. I always liked that story.

“Orange is the colour of the second chakra, and is associated with the musical pitch D. There are 4 tunes in D on the CD (just happened that way) so it was fitting.

“People have asked me if it is about Trump and no, the title was chosen before he was elected and I don’t want dedicate any of my music to this poor excuse of a human, but I wholeheartedly support the idea that our challenge will be to get through the years of the orange creature down in the USA.”

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