Peregrine Falls – Peregrine Falls

by • October 12, 2017 • Album Reviews382

Peregrine Falls are named after the point at which a peregrine falcon ceases its hunting flight and dives toward its prey. This posture is known as the hunting stoop. Peregrines are notoriously fast flyers. They have reached recorded speeds of 112 km/h in direct pursuit of prey and they have been known to fly as high as 1km when hunting. Scientists have tracked a peregrine dropping at 320 km/h in its attack dive.

When it strikes death results and that’s the point at which this music kicks in. Answering the musical question how much noise can two guys make? A lot when the guys are Gordon Grdina on guitars, candelabra and various other instruments and Kenton Loewen on drums, percussion and Theremin. They shake, rattle, hammer and improvise their way through eleven tracks of all new music. Both musicians are well known through their work with Dan Mangan and Blacksmith and Haram as well as many other experimental aggregations. The music is firmly in the tradition of Lifetime’s Emergency! or Sonny Sharrock’s later shredding. Jazz metal; what could be better than that?

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