Moths and Locusts CD Review by Dave O Rama

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MothsandLocusts_117_webHelios Rising
Moths and Locusts

Moths and Locusts burst from their wormhole with their new release Helios Rising. Available in digital formats, and in a special limited edition coloured vinyl with gatefold cover, this four piece Vancouver Island space rock combo takes the listener on a buzzed out galactic hoedown aboard a their magic pirate ship.

On Helios Rising mind bending psychedelia intertwines with grunge metal, punk, garage rock, surf, German avant-garde, Sun Ra, prog, James Blood Ulmer and a multitude of other influences. The music here is trance inducing. The vocals sound devotional, even prayer like, as if sung by cosmic monks.

The songs move like fire or flood. Starting off gentle and unpredictable each piece builds slowly and steadily over time metamorphosing into complex and ominous walls of blazing rhythm pummelled by the ragging tempests of tripped out electric guitar.

You can lose yourself in the music of Moths and Locusts. Although just a four piece, their sound is composed like the rings of Saturn. Thick layers of sound glisten with stardust and ooze with echo and sustain. It fills up your crania and slops around inside your skull like electric pudding.

Tracks like Invisible Light, Capsule and Biblical Prophecy are slow building and super atmospheric while my favourite songs, Troubled and Our Dear Leader thrash it out in the darker regions of the multiverse. Skillfully recorded at Jordan Koop’s Gabriola Island studio, the Noise Floor, and all wrapped up in twisted cover artwork by Valentina Cardinalli, Helios Rising is swirling swarm of kaleidoscopic possibilities. This new offering by Moths and Locusts is emotional, visceral and seriously primal. It’s definitely a trip you’ll want to take.   

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