Malleus Trio – Malleus Trio

by • November 13, 2017 • Album Reviews, Front Page637

Here’s another trio, this one going out to all the jazzoids and funky go-getters. Locked down with a wicked rhythm section featuring drummer Ben Brown (Pugs & Crows), and bassist Geordie Hart (The Boom Booms), this swinging three headed life form features horn man Dominic Conway (We Just Stole A Car) ripping it up on sax.

Deeply soulful and sinuous the Malleus sound has potent hormones. Visceral and organic the vibe sometimes smoulders and casts off vapour and at other moments it rises up like a force of nature. At times shadowy and mysterious and at other times anthropomorphic, fat, drunk, and looking for shit to cause.

The Malleus Trio are that jazz band playing in the hotel ballroom in that scene in the movie where the patrons are poisoned by a mysterious euphoria and all simultaneously break into an unbridled orgy of lust and sin and pills and high balls. It’s free, it’s funk, it’s bop, it’s cake. If you like your groove loose and your jazz salty then you need to take a bite.     

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