For the Love of Print

We’re a bunch of music lovers who also love the smell of ink on paper. While we all play and work in the digital world we also really appreciate the opportunity to sit back, unplug, kick back, and get away from the screen from time to time.We think their might be others out there like us. Are you one?

2 Responses to For the Love of Print

  1. Craig Smith says:

    Yes. My first job upon graduating from college was working in the production department of a community newspaper pre-desktop publishing. That’s right, were talking PMT’s, composing ads and editorial with an exacto-knife, using an actual dark-room to process half-tones and negatives. My favourite, the wax machine, was the water cooler of our little society, this machine was used to apply a thin coating of wax on the back of the copy strips and ad graphics. I also worked at The Banff Crag and Canyon just at the forefront of the computer revolution. So yes, getting away from the “Devices of mass control and manipulation” is a great thing! Playing harmonica puts me in a great mindset. Will you good folks be doing any articles on local harp players in the future? Cheers-Craig Smith

    • BC Musician Magazine says:

      Thanks for this, Craig!
      We’re always interested in story ideas.
      Please send an email with something specific about local harp players to hello @ and we’ll take a look/listen.
      Thanks! Leanne

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