Elisa Thorn’s Painting Project – HUE

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reviewed by R. Doull

This is the first recording from Elisa Thorn’s Painting Project. They are a trio with Horn playing harp, the string kind, not the kind in our blues reviews, James Meger on upright bass, Justin Devries on drums and vocalist Britt MacLeod on one track.

Think of Thorn as the unconventional harpist. She is moving the instrument away from its usual association with classical music into new and challenging settings including modifying the sound with electric effects. The music uses the abstract paintings of her father, the artist Bruce Thorn, as a basis for composition and improvisation.

Her relationship with her father was not close, so this was her way of creating a point of contact. The delicacy of a harp can be overwhelmed in an improvised setting and it is to her credit that she pushes it to the forefront. One track, Angels, can be heard in entirety on her website. The CD is edited, mixed and mastered by Chris Gestrin.


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