EHM Sky Patrol – Songs for Adults CD review by Dave O Rama

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EHM Sky Patrol

Comprised of expat prairie musicians and fronted by Calgary Folk Festival songwriting winner Elise Hall-Meyer (EHM), EHM Sky Patrol produce a sultry mixture of soul and country music, bringing to mind a fusion of Hitsville and Music City, USA.

The traditional Nashville flavour stands front and centre while a generous helping of Memphis and Detroit gravy oozes out the edges of the arrangements. Songs For Adults is straight up steamy southern funk brewed up into a potent concoction that would add an irresistible aroma to any hick hop or tailgate party.

Regardless of their confusing name the members of FHM Sky Patrol, Devin Bates, Kellan Benz, and Ben Everyman churn out some greasy grooves that lay a thick layer of tang under Hall-Meyer’s sweet hickory-smoked vocals.

The gorgeous guitar phrasings and languid rhythms complement Hall-Meyer’s voice perfectly during the recording’s many stirring ballads, while a track like Disaster will grab you by the hillbilly heart and throw you out onto the dance floor.

If you love your country old school, served up with a side of RnB and a heartache chaser, then don’t let the name get you sidetracked. With one foot planted in the Memphis soul tradition and the other pounding out a beat on the stage of the Grand Ole Opry, Songs For Adults will surely put you right.

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