Dogs Do Dream – Ron Samworth

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There are many songs about dogs, but as far as we know, this is the first full length recording written and narrated entirely from the point of view of a dog. Samworth has a background integrating text with music and he has an interest in scientific data showing that animals do dream. The question is what do they dream about?

Samworth answers in a suite of sixteen tracks, nine are spoken vignettes accompanied by music, a dog’s imagined observations from specific locations around Vancouver. The others are musical responses, both composed and improvised, arranged around typical dog activities; swimming, lying on my back, smells/other dogs. I played it for a young dog owner (Australian Shepherds) who doesn’t usually love experimental music and she thought it was pretty good.

She thought that maybe dogs really do dream about and hear their sonic environment this way. Guitarist Samworth has enlisted a big cast of twelve supporting musicians, all of whom are well known and have worked together in a variety of projects emanating from the Lower Mainland.

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