Divine Play – Give Peace a Chant CD review by Dave O Rama

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Give Peace A Chant - Divine Play-web115Divine Play
(Instrumental Music from Kirtan Lila)
Give Peace A Chant Kirtan

Give Peace A Chant Kirtan (GPACK) is a Vancouver based music collective curated by singer, musician and Bhakti Yoga practitioner Sandra Leigh.

Divine Play is a brand new release featuring instrumental versions of the music found on their Kirtan Lila CD released last June, which shortly followed their debut live recording Diwali Celebration of Light released in March 2015.

With eleven gifted musicians present here Divine Play very much lives up to its name. Parting from the mantra and bhajans vocalized on Kirtan Lila the music contained within moves to the forefront, lush and cinematic.

Divine Play is a glorious intermingling of traditional European, Asian and Americana musical traditions blooming with originality and sophistication. The musicians contributing to this ethereal work play a wide array of instrumentation that runs from banjo and pedal steel guitar to pennywhistle, bagpipes, flute, tablas, harmonium and numerous other western and Asian instruments.

Skillfully arranged and produced by Sandra Leigh & Andy Schichter and exquisitely recorded by GPACK guitarist Schichter, Divine Play is an audio meditation designed to cleanse the chakras and bring serenity to the soul.

Rich, fluid and pulsating with subtle complexity, Give Peace A Chant Kirtan demonstrate beautifully here the healing properties of conscious vibration, while inducing an imaginary landscape shimmering with cosmic possibilities.

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