Deserve to Die – Woolworm

by • September 28, 2017 • Album Reviews436

This is either Woolworm’s second or third full -length release depending on how you count their second recording, hearted, which has six tracks. Is that a long EP or a short CD? In any case they have moved away from their hardcore roots into something resembling a pop band, except that they are not. The interesting thing about Woolworm is the dichotomy between the existential angst of their lyrics and the essential cheerfulness of their music.

They can sing about loss, alienation and death and it’s easy to miss it because they frame it in hummable melodies. Maybe they are deliberately trying to make us all insane. Ten tracks all credited to the entire band. Giles Roy guitar and vocals, Alex Pomeroy guitar, Heather Black bass and vocals, Nick Tolliday drums.

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