Deanna Cartea – Open Road

by • March 19, 2012 • Album Reviews963

By Bobby Herron

Deanna Cartea is a Sunshine Coast vocalist with a distinctive style. She’s got one of those voices that are at times 60 per cent air and 40 per cent tone. This, combined with her effortless phrasing, pulled me into the music.

Some of the songs that stand out for me on Open Road are – It’s Another Day with the guitar textures that remind me of Phil Mansanera of Roxy Music, One More Time and Photograph – a dramatic, folky tune which contains one of my favorite instruments – accordion. Deanna’s vocals are both expressive and dreamy at times.

There are several guitar players on this album. All clever and proficient. Sometimes it sounds like a guitar player’s showcase. The guitar that appears most consistent is Deanna’s acoustic. I would have liked the drummer to have advocated for a bigger sound. These are all production comments.

I believe Deanna Cartea should keep making records that contain her winning voice and guitar strumming and her Sunshine Coast brand of tasty songwriting.

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