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If you are interested in contributing to BC Musician Magazine by writing, reviewing, photographing or attending events in our honour, please drop us a line! You can email Leanne with your proposals, be it a story, poetry, event or cd or venue review!

Our contributor guidelines and payment structure are in the midst of a refreshing, so please stay tuned for the details.

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  1. If you are looking for a photographer in the Okanagan/Thompson region I would be pleased to hear from you. Concerts/musicians are one of my specialties.

    Cheers… kk

    • Thanks Kevin, we’re not currently looking for anyone to specifically shoot for the magazine but we welcome contributions of pics of BC Musicians (on stage or in their rehearsal rooms or on the road) to anytime!

    • Alexis Podas says:

      We’d be happy to have Kevin attend any of our gigs and contribute pics to your magazine. We’ve seen his work and would surely get the attention of the entertainers we host at The Peachland Castle. We have an Event with Brandon Isaak and Keith Picot on Jan.24,
      February 10 th Harpdog Brown and Yukon Slim will be on stage. See you there!

  2. Joan says:

    Hello, I am a subscriber, and would like to do a series of short articles based on the book that I am writing called Rock Under the Radar, The World Of the Working Musician. There are plenty of books out there about the musicians making millions, but hardly any about the people who work just as hard and have just as much to offer that are not usually household names. .
    I envision an introductory article in which I explain the project briefly, including my interview process (20 musicians so far), and then five articles to follow (one per issue, perhaps) based on the main themes of the book and what I have found so far.
    In question form, these five themes are:
    1) What led to your decision to become a musician? and How did you develop your skills?
    2) How do you acquire and transmit knowledge? Do you learn by ear, chart, internet, or?
    3) What are the social and interpersonal aspects of being a musician?
    4) What can you tell me about the experiences of rehearsal and live performance?
    5) Can you describe your creative process? What motivates you?
    Might this be something that would suit your publication, possibly with some modification?
    Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.

  3. DR. WAYNE says:

    I have three higher end guitars for sale. I’ve tried to list them in your classified section, but they don’t show up. There is no place to leave my contact info in the event someone is interested. Please outline what the problem is in posting on your site … ???

    • staff2 says:

      Sorry for the delay in responding. I’ve asked our tech fellow to sort this problem out. We switched to a new site in December and there are still plenty of kinks to work through.
      We really appreciate that you’ve pointed this out and as soon as we solve it I hope you will use our classified section.
      Thanks so much!

  4. Jim Ripley says:

    I am based in Kelowna and own CHLL-FM a seasonal broadcaster.
    I am looking for audio programming that would be of interest to Tourists…especially events.
    Unfortunately we can only air LIVE MUSIC and are looking for specific opportunities such as
    concerts, CD release parties, special events, and weekend pub music.

    Please call me
    250 863-8372

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