Who puts this magazine together?

BC Musician Magazine is a very different music & arts magazine.

Each of the 6 issues are put together by two people, Sarah Fahey and Leanne Nash, with a small crew of ever-changing contributors. We have a cadre of volunteers around the province who help with story ideas, photography, album reviews, and magazine distribution.

Regular contributors include: Carolyn Mark, Geoff Berner, Dave O Rama, Richard Chapman, Janet Rogers, and many more. New contributors join the roster each issue. And we welcome new voices, just send your ideas to sarah@bcmusicianmag.com or lvnash@bcmusicianmag.com

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5 Responses to Who puts this magazine together?

  1. Joan says:

    Hi, I am writing a book about the working musicians of BC, the people who play in our pubs and clubs and coffeehouses, people who work just as hard as famous musicians do, but are not household names. Would you be brave enough to estimate the number of people in BC who might fall into this category? If not, any idea where else I would ask? Joan PS I am a subscriber

  2. Gerald Wills says:

    Mag: jan/feb 2013, issue 96, list of venues. Please be advised that Serious Coffee, willow point, Campbell river is the place to be, Monday, Thursday and Friday, for acoustic open mic, and Wednesday for song circle jam, every week. Also in Campbell River, at the Quinsam Hotel, Saturday afternoon, an electric jam with live band. Then on Thursday, a blues jam at the Elks hall. Sadly to say, nesbitt coffee is infrequent at best, and in three years, my band, PETEROUT, has yet to play that place. A new venue in CR is the river city grill.
    Hope this will help expand your knowledge of the fine and extraordinary music scene here in Campbell River.

    • Thanks Gerald, We sent out facebook, web and magazine requests for feedback about live music venues and didn’t get a reply about those spots in CR . We’ll add both venues to the online BC venue Guide that is going live in the next 2 weeks. Thanks for filling us in!

  3. Don Wood says:

    The Venue Listing for Crescent Moon Coffee House is out of date, we have moved from Camp Alexandra, which was a temporary home while the building we used for more than 20 years was renovated, and the property became a City of Surrey Park. The location should be amended to Ocean Park. The address is 1371 128 Street Surrey . Every Thursday Night 8 to 11 September thru June. Everyone is welcome, format varies depending on who shows up for the evening.
    Crescent Moon has been in existence in South Surrey for 35 years….

  4. Michael Hills says:

    I read with interest your descriptions of various halls in the Venues section of Issue 96. I want to let you know that the Hornby Community Hall has a 1923 Bechstein D grand piano and a Hammond B3 organ. This information might be of interest to your musician readers.

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