A Pilgrimage – Fanfare

by • October 27, 2017 • Album Reviews294

Fanfare is the moniker used by multi-instrumentalist Cameron Boyce. Proficient on a number of string instruments, Boyce is known for his incredible dexterity on the violin. He plays all the instruments on this impressive recording yet chooses to place his violin front and centre as he passionately interprets this collection of 16 folk songs perfected while busking throughout Europe, the Balkans, and Turkey.

Boyce embraces the compositions as if he grew up with this music. His playing is not only inspired but truly accomplished. Known as a musician who embraces modern methodologies through his use of looping technology here we find Boyce embracing these melodies from a traditional grassroots perspective with both love and virtuosity.

Through studio wizardry, Cameron Boyce turns himself into a Balkan chamber orchestra delivering stunning versions of traditional instrumentals from countries like Romania, Hungary, and Serbia. In addition to his investigation of traditional Romany music, on A Pilgrimage, Boyce has also released a second full length recording this year called Baroque Soul, an album that shows off his own songwriting skills and vocal techniques while showcasing an entirely different side of this very gifted musician.

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